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Veski Guesthouse is comfy and peaceful stopover in Võrumaa, in a small Southern-Estonian town called Antsla. After  complete renovation of the building (built in 1934) in 2007, we offer quality accommodation and catering together with  leisure activities.

Veski Pubi on the first floor of the resort, is the best place for dining and different events. Our guests can use closed yard for safe parking. There we have also kids’ playground and area for grill.

Pokuland, Karula National Park, Tamme-Lauri Oak, Uhtjärve Ürgorg and annual Hauka Fair deserve visiting.

Appropriate place for families and tourists to relax and for companies to arrange seminars and different events.

Beautiful surroundings and pleasant service makes your time in here unforgettable!

Veski Guesthouse & Pub is opened

Mon- Fri



11.00 – 16.00

11.00 – 16.00

11.00 – 16.00

Accomodation information 24h
GSM  +372 521 5290